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Certification Programs

Become the trusted resource for your clients and key stakeholders by offering proven tools and assessments that get results. Our certification programs will get you trained on the latest assessment tools for leaders and teams and take you from being a service provider to a trusted advisor.

 T3 Done For You

Do you have a rock star program that you need to offer to several clients or key stakeholders at the same time? Our Done For You Train the Trainer program includes custom design of all your T3 materials including branded facilitator guides, participant materials, power points, training aids, activities and more. We’ll also help you with the positioning and delivery of the program to your clients and key stakeholders.

How To’s

Have you been tasked with building stronger teams, transforming communication between managers and employees, or building better relationships with customers? Join us for our live, virtual train-the-trainer courses and get the skills you need to deliver the high-level results your company or clients demand.



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