Strategy Must Be Tailored

Strategy Must Be Tailored

Like a Good Suit, Training Strategy Must Be Tailored

No two organizations are alike. Consider the differences between industries, geographic locations, size and maturity of your company. Then take into account the culture of your organization, its nuances and values. And finally, consider your growth and development goals. Only then can you understand how unique your training strategy needs to be.

So when developing the best training strategy, how do you make sure you get the right fit? How do you avoid a one-size fits-all approach? Whether you take on this project with internal resources or seek an external consultant, follow the 5As below to make sure your training strategy is tailor made.

  • Align – This is the starting point and where you need to get your arms around the big picture. Here you will examine the foundational things about your organization and clarify your organization’s mission, vision and values. You should also take into account your short-term and long-term strategic goals and how your training strategy can support them.


  • Assess – Follow the data. Use surveys, focus groups and other research methods to gather and analyze benchmark data from both internal and external stakeholders.


  • Address – Time to write the plan, taking into account everything you’ve learned. Here you will design your organizational development and training strategy and success measures, and create the communication, marketing and rollout plan.


  • Act – A well written plan is great but execution is everything – and it’s where many plans fail. This is where the rubber hits the road and the rollout gets underway. It’s where you lean on your internal champions to help carry the water. And with every step you should track success and ROI and make adjustments as necessary.


  • Adjust – So, how’d it go? Because you have clearly defined and specific success measures (see Address above), you can quickly and easily evaluate results, recognize impacts of change, adapt and adjust if necessary


Congrats! You have your fully customized, completely unique-to-you training strategy! Now to make sure you can deliver it. Check out next month’s issue of Engage for best practices on how to deliver your training strategy that will address the needs of your leaders and teams, make good business sense and accelerate your results.